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  • The Business Information Worker (BIW) Program also known as the Knowledge Worker Program (KWP) is an effective, entry level, job readiness pathway that allows students to get a job and gain experience while furthering their education. It is a branded pathway to student success that has been vetted by business. The program consists of a set of skills in demand by businesses throughout the state. It incorporates Keyboarding, Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, & Outlook), as well as Information Systems, Business Communications and Human Relations/Customer Service. It is geared towards students who need employment sooner rather than later.

  • Los Angeles Southwest College
    Business Information Worker Pathway Course Offerings
    Course Name or Topic Course ID Relevant 3rd
    Party Certification

    Business Information Worker

    Stage I

    KeyboardingCAOT 001
    MS WindowsELECTRN 112
    MS WordCAOT 84 MOS: Microsoft Office Word
    MS ExcelCAOT 85 MOS: Microsoft Office Excel
    MS OutlookCSIT 661 MOS: Microsoft Office Outlook
    Information System - BasicCSIT 660
    Business Communication (Business English)CAOT 32
    Human Relations & Customer ServiceMGMT 031

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