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Sector Navigation Team

Information Communications Technologies, ICT, and Digital Media are now integrated into almost every technology, industry and job. Consequently, understanding ICT and Digital Media as a sector requires that we look at the producers of and the users of ICT and Digital Media.

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Join the CCC NETLAB+ User Group

Connect with your peers who have extensive experience in funding, implementing and designing curriculum for the virtual lab environment.

Steve Wright addressing the MIT Forum in Santa Barbara California regarding the activities and success of the Information and Communication Technologies and Digital Media sector.

Sector Navigator Steve Wright speaks at MIT Enterprise Forum, Feb 17, 2016, in Santa Barbara, CA regarding the role of branded pathways for students.


In the short time the ICT-Digital Media Sector has been in existence we have begun an outreach to the faculty and Deans of the system in an unprecedented manner.


ICT-Digital Media Sector Team Announces Certification Voucher Benefit for CCC Students and Faculty

We are pleased to announce that the ICT-Digital Media Sector has partnered with Genuine Genius Technologies to create a solution for  your college to provide students with a way to save 15-50% on the cost of certification exams.

Addressing the needs of the ICT-Digital Media Sector requires an updated understanding of the trends in technology, workplace skills requirements, educational alternatives and our CCC students’ needs.


With a separate Deputy Sector Navigator for each Region the Doing What Matters Program has created their first statewide organization to integrate the needs by college with an overall statewide support system. Find your Deputy Sector Navigator here.

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An initiative of the California Community College's Economic and Workforce Development (CCCEWD) program, the ICT-Digital Media Sector Team is dedicated to serving California's ICT-Digital media workforce needs. We are an integral part of the California Community Colleges and its Doing What Matters for Business & Industry framework, investing funding and resources in industry sectors that are key to California's economic growth. Our industry-specific workforce services are coordinated through a system of sector specialists that align community college and other workforce development resources with the needs of industry sectors and occupational clusters through a regional focus. Learn more by visiting www.cccewd.net.