Digital Media in Technology

Digital Media in Technology

Computer Science, Information Systems, Medical Technology, Space exploration... Technology is an engine that is driving future economic growth and providing many opportunities for all. There is a growing need for digital media in technology to enhance communication, make concepts accessible to the general population and build friendly and convenient interfaces for complex technology devices.

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  • Stephen Burns
  • Goldenwest College
  • Friday, June 09 2017
  • Room:

3D Photoshop For Creative Professionals

3D Photoshop For Creative Professionals With Adobe presenting some wonderful upgrades in a variety of areas in Photoshop CC 2017 Stephen Burns will share how to be artists with the new 3D tools by creating an artistic scene before your eyes. One of our goals as artists is to use our chosen medium to express how the world around us has influenced us and how we can share our thoughts and feelings as to what we are experiencing. To do this we must understand medium and this also applies to the digital tools. Stephen will share how each of the tools and features work and how to create intuitively and uniquely with these new improvements. Come and enjoy as you see Stephen share what is possible in Photoshop 3D.

  • Donald Laird
  • Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room:

3D Printing - setting up a lab and a class

Want to teach 3D printing, but don't know where to start? Let me walk you through setting up a lab and creating a course. Includes discussion of hardware and software needs.

  • Alan Braggins
  • CCCCO - Inland Empire/Desert Region - Chaffey College
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room:

3D printing business security vulnerabilities

3-D Printing technology is subject to Cyber interference through sound as well as the internet. This presentation explores the security vulnerabilities that both businesses and manufacturers have as well as possible preventative measures.

  • Sam King
  • University of California, Irvine
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room:

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: The Myths, Reality, and Transformation of Patient Care

Industry analysts IDC predicts that 30 percent of providers will use cognitive analytics against patient data and real world evidence for personalized medicine by 2018. Their impacts and implications are shaping up the future of healthcare. This highly interactive session will introduce the foundation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Deep learning using easy-to-understand terms, with emphasis on their practical uses in healthcare and how they transform personalized medicine and population health. Learning objectives: 1. Explain the concepts, trends and development in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in an easy and relatable way 2. Discuss the practical uses of many AI applications in healthcare 3. Describe how AI transforms the future of medicine and personalized patient care

  • Andrew Robinson
  • SynED /FTS-LA Storage Innovations
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room:

Digital Storage for Media

Next Generation Digital Storage for Media and why you need to know.

  • Kayvan Mottt
  • Infinite Communications
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room:

It’s Not Your Father’s Business: Marketing Your Company in a Digital Landscape

The primary difference between your father’s way of marketing his business and the modern way to market your business lies in your approach. Content marketing is based on the idea of creating valuable information that customers can access when they want to make a purchase decision. Learn how your customers mindset has shifted because of tools like Google, YouTube, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook as well as other Social Media channels and what you can do about it to ensure you’re serving their needs. Familiarize yourself with common strategies & tactics used by businesses in various industries to attract your target audience in the modern digital landscape.

  • Barbara Bickham
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room:

The New Digital Media: Advance Tech

How is Digital Media evolving by advanced technologies? AI, AR/VR, IoT: How do they all impact Digital Media and what should people prepare for.

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