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Studio/Production Tours

CFC Criteria: Provide students enrolled in an accredited community college a minimum of 8 hours of studio or production company tours, which may include set visit and/or set construction, wardrobe department, art department and editorial department.

Dan Says: Inviting students for a tour of your facility is a great way for them to see how the entertainment industry works "behind the scenes." Whether it be a tour of a studio, sound-stage, set visit, or a trip to a control room, this would provide the student with a hands-on experience of how the various crafts and technicians work together. The studio or production facility tour is not what the public would experience – it must be individually tailored to the students’ areas of interest.

    • Visit to a working set with time set aside to speak to working professionals and ask questions.
    • Tour of a studio, sound-stage, or facility to provide a detailed understanding of how these facilities operate and/or are utilized by motion picture or television productions.
    • Arrange an on-site experience with a vendor (such as JL Fisher, Avid or Panavision) to showcase the various tools of the trade and familiarize students with state of the art equipment and its uses.
    • A "fly on the wall" experience for a student. Examples: Sit in on a development meeting; Attend a production concept meeting with director, production designer, cinematographer and/or producer; or visit a writer's room.
    • Observing an aspect of post production, such as a sound mix, ADR seesion, Foley session, Color-correction session, Visual Effect shot review with visual artists and director, and/or an editing session.
    • An opportunity to visit an industry event, such as the upfronts, NAB, NATPE, or AFM.
    • Q&A with on-staff department heads


studio production tour

studio production tour2

California Film Commission Career Readiness Site

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Sector Navigator & Director

Steve Wright


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