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Faculty Development

CFC Criteria: Provide a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education for educators and/or faculty to observe specialized departments or techniques in the production process. 

Dan Says: Community college students benefit when industry experts and educators work together. Help with curriculum development or record how-to videos that can be utilized across multiple campuses. Hosting a conference can be a great way to create a "one stop shop" that serves students, instructors, and administrators. Keeping educators informed of industry changes helps us better prepare students for success in the film industry.

 Faculty Development Examples
    • Attend a meeting in which a script is broken down into visual effects shots
    • Participate in a planning session for a motion capture or green screen shoot and observe the filming
    • Spend a day with a post production supervisor to better understand today‚Äôs delivery elements for film and television
    • Observe a spotting session with a director and composer and/or spend time with the composer to better understand the latest music technology
    • Attend a 3-D film shoot and discuss the technology with the D.P.
    • Attend a color correction session to gain up to date knowledge of the latest tools
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California Film Commission Career Readiness Site

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Sector Navigator & Director

Steve Wright


Phone: 805-496-8583

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An initiative of the California Community College's Economic and Workforce Development (CCCEWD) program, the ICT-Digital Media Sector Team is dedicated to serving California's ICT-Digital media workforce needs. We are an integral part of the California Community Colleges and its Doing What Matters for Business & Industry framework, investing funding and resources in industry sectors that are key to California's economic growth. Our industry-specific workforce services are coordinated through a system of sector specialists that align community college and other workforce development resources with the needs of industry sectors and occupational clusters through a regional focus. Learn more by visiting www.cccewd.net.