ICT - Digital Media Background

The Need:

Producers include everything from the tech giants of Silicon Valley to the freelance website designers and innovative startup companies. Users may be in any department or type of business and are increasingly responsible for their own communications, internet and digital applications.

Both users and producers face a continuing rapid evolution of technology that renders the in-demand skills of today the minimum skills of tomorrow.

Coupled with specific technology skills is the ever-increasing need for workers to exemplify the traits of teamwork, customer service as well as a general knowledge of business and project management.

Finding appropriate and effective educational pathways to achieve an education that results in jobs and success in those jobs is a challenge to employers and students alike.

The Solution:

Supply in-demand skills for employers.The ICT-Digital Media Sector Team is a first ever statewide community college organization of education workforce professionals that are focused upon this need. Assigned to represent each of California's regional economies and unified as a team, the regional Deputy Sector Navigators of the ICT- Digital Media Sector were launched in July 2013 to help accomplish four goals:

  1. Supply in-demand skills for employers.
  2. Create relevant pathways and stackable credentials.
  3. Get Californians into Open Jobs.
  4. Promote student success.

We recognize that we serve both business and the 'learning' public of California. Accordingly, our assessment of the industry and the workforce calls for us to develop and communicate career pathways for experienced adults as well as high school graduates.

The statewide Director and Sector Navigator ICT-Digital Media, Steve Wright, is a 20-year ICT industry market research veteran who will challenge the team to integrate valid workforce research from industry data, business advisories and student experience with the collaboration from the CA Community College Faculty and Administration to achieve a balanced and effective workforce readiness approach to this key California market.

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Sector Navigator & Director

Steve Wright

[email protected]

Phone: 805-496-8583

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An initiative of the California Community College's Economic and Workforce Development (CCCEWD) program, the ICT-Digital Media Sector Team is dedicated to serving California's ICT-Digital media workforce needs. We are an integral part of the California Community Colleges and its Doing What Matters for Business & Industry framework, investing funding and resources in industry sectors that are key to California's economic growth. Our industry-specific workforce services are coordinated through a system of sector specialists that align community college and other workforce development resources with the needs of industry sectors and occupational clusters through a regional focus. Learn more by visiting www.cccewd.net.