Student Retention is the New FTES Builder/Marketing

Student Retention is the New FTES Builder/Marketing

I feel embarrassed! After five years with the Doing What Matters program as a Sector Navigator I belatedly got around to assessing the Total Addressable Market, TAM, for students (see chart below by Karen Beltramo). The numbers shown are ‘approximately accurate’ and cannot be added together – because students may be in one or more ‘opportunity’ category. However, the revelations to me were a slap in the head!!! Very instructive, for example:

Aligning ICT Courses with C-ID in Orange County

Aligning ICT Courses with C-ID in Orange County

It’s no secret that ICT course offerings within the California Community College system appear a big fragmented. A report issued by the Mid-Pacific Information and Communication Technologies Center (MPICT) as well as data gathered and analyzed by the ICT Sector team has revealed that there are more than 600 different associate degree options with over 400 names. More than 1,500 different certificates were found having approximately 1,100 different names.

Steve Linthicum, Deputy Sector Navigator in Orange County has written extensively about this on his personal blog, and is taking steps in his region to create an identifiable, consistent pathway for students seeking careers in ICT.

That Four-Letter Word Again

Karen Beltramo, Data Analyst, Bay Regional Community College Consortium, Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Research

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” – W. Edwards Deming, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and consultant.

There it is that four-letter word: Data.


Greater Sacramento Region Welcomes New Deputy Sector Navigator

Greater Sacramento Region Welcomes New Deputy Sector Navigator

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Markus Geissler has accepted the role of Deputy Sector Navigator, ICT-Digital Media for the Sacramento Region.

Markus is a welcome addition to the Sector Team. “We are quite pleased," said Steve Wright, ICT-DM Sector Navigator. "Markus will be a tremendous asset to the Sacramento Region and he will have a statewide impact on our Computer Sciences pathways and offerings."


Business Information Worker Career Pathway Update

BIW Banner

How Important is the Business Information Worker?

Although the BIW is offered in every region of the state, many of the 110,000 students enrolled in courses that align with the BIW pathway don’t even know it. In fact, they are part of an industry-vetted program that directly leads to employment with more than 200,000 jobs available throughout California at any one time that match some level of the BIW pathway. Retaining current students to complete the pathway or to return later for more training will positively affect their future and greatly increase the effective Career Education services of the California Community Colleges system.


Digital Media Industry Skills Panel Gives Experts the Stage in the Inland Empire/Desert Region

The Inland Empire Desert Region hosted a regional Digital Media Industry Skills Panel Friday, October 13th at Mind and Mill in downtown Riverside. Mind and Mill served as the ideal location for the Digital Media meeting with its combination of co-work, digital media marketing agency, art gallery and event space.

Although the idea of hosting regional advisory meetings is not a new one, this event embodied the perfect combination of vision, resources and people to deliver one of the most effective advisories this region has ever seen.


Guided Pathways Hits the Road: Spotlighting BIW and IT Technician Pathways

Spreading the word about the California Community College Guided Pathways began early this school year in the San Diego/Imperial Region. With his NAO robot in tow, Leroy Brady, the region’s ICT-Digital Media Deputy Sector Navigator, hit the road in August and September to visit San Diego Imperial Valley students.

His message was one many of these young adults needed to hear. The ICT-Digital Media Guided Pathway programs available at their local community colleges can help them improve their lives. Thanks to Brady’s efforts, 254 students and 31 parents and teachers heard his message loud and clear.


Production Assistant Bootcamp Gives Students Behind-the-Scenes View of Entertainment Industry

Anyone in the entertainment industry knows that production assistants are the people who make the real magic of film and television happen.

A group of high school and college students from the Los Angeles area saw that firsthand when they completed Production Assistant Bootcamp earlier this summer. The nine-week program organized by Los Angeles Valley College covered topics ranging from writing and storyboarding to scheduling and budgets.


Orange County Welcomes New Deputy Sector Navigator

A new Deputy Sector Navigator in the Information Communication Technologies and Digital Media Sector (ICT-DM) is poised to make Orange County a leader in the state's cybersecurity education initiatives.

Steve Linthicum, former ICT-DM DSN in the Greater Sacramento region recently moved to Southern California to assume the ICT-DM DSN position in the Orange County region. Linthicum also serves as Co-Project Director for the Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Innovation Grant issued by the California Community College Chancellor's Office to Coastline Community College.


Business Information Worker Recruitment and Retention Guide Soon to be Released

New statewide research reveals there are more than 200,000 administrative support positions available annually in California, with a large percentage of these workers employed by staffing agencies. As Business Information Worker (BIW) advocates know, pathway courses like MS Office, Business Communications and Electronic Records Management are foundational to careers in many fields, including health care, entertainment, and technology. Yet, of the 110,000 students enrolled in pathway courses statewide, many do not continue and represent part of the 70% of California Community College students who leave the system in less than one year.

Camps Bring Cybersecurity to Bay Area Students

What started as a small pilot last summer has grown into one of the most successful regional outreach efforts to date.

More than 625 middle and high school students from the Bay Region attended one 12 week-long cybersecurity camp offered this summer at colleges throughout the area. The camps are part of the effort to make California a leader in cybersecurity training and education to meet growing workforce demand.


White House Interest in #StrongWorkforce

White House Interest in #StrongWorkforce

The CA Community Colleges Board of Governors enthusiastically adopted all 25 #strongworkforce recommendations put forth by the Task Force for Workforce, Job Creation and a Strong Economy at its November 16 meeting.

CAFWD James Mayer's blog in Capitol Weekly chronicles the significance of the action: "The leaders of California's vast community college system this week unanimously adopted a reform agenda with amazing ease - given how fundamentally hard the decision was to engineer." Read the article.

IT Technician Pathway: Labor Market Analysis

IT Technician Pathway: Labor Market Analysis

The Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Research (COE) in partnership with the ICT-Digital Media Sector of the Doing What Matters Program is pleased to announce the release of a new report: Information Technology Technician Pathway: Labor Market Analysis.

The report can be downloaded at: The COE or the ITTP Portal

This labor market report compliments and validates the IT Technician Pathway developed by the California Community Colleges' ICT-DM Sector Team. Occupations included in this study were selected by the Sector for their relevance to the IT Technician Pathway and California Community College program offerings. Industries included in this brief were chosen based on the likelihood of employing the selected occupations.

IT Technician Pathway: A New Statewide CA Community College Offering

IT Technician Pathway: A New Statewide CA Community College Offering

To: CCC CIOs, CTE Deans, CCC Counselors, Faculty, Businesses and Collaborating Partners

Re: IT Technician Pathway: A New Statewide CA Community College Offering

The ICT-Digital Media Sector of the Doing what Matters Program is pleased to announce its second Branded Pathway aimed at getting students into widely available and rewarding IT careers. The IT Technician Pathway (ITTP) will help students launch a career in IT by starting with computer retail or customer service jobs, and building relevant skills and certifications over time. This pathway uses existing academic programs and courses. While no new curriculum is created, statewide branding consistency can be achieved.

Business Information Worker (BIW) Press Release

Business Information Worker (BIW) Press Release
DATELINE: Thousand Oaks, CA

Steve Wright, Director & Sector Navigator
Information Communications Technologies (ICT) and Digital Media Sector Team
Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy, California Community Colleges
Desk: 805-496-8583, Cell: 805-231-8444
[email protected]

Re: Business Information Worker: A CA Statewide Program Gains Momentum

The Business Information Worker (BIW) structured pathway is an innovative, statewide, solution to employment for thousands of Californians of all ages offered through the California Community Colleges. Designed with faculty and business involvement the short-term branded pathway prepares students for entry-level middle-skill office jobs in six months or less.


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