BIW Cohorts in the Works in Orange County

Colleges in the Orange County region are developing BIW cohort schedules to begin Fall 2017. A pilot effort to market the BIW pathway as a region is underway as participating colleges look to increase enrollment in pathway courses.

The region has formed relationships with the Orange County One-Stop Centers and local community groups, like CIELO, for help recruiting students into cohorts. Partnerships with the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) and Orange Unified School District will give the program exposure to K-12 teachers and students.

The BIW pathway will also be featured at STEM and the Future Workforce, a symposium to be hosted at the OCDE for Orange County community college and high school faculty, counselors and CTE leadership. Ideas for bridging the BIW from high school to college will be discussed as well as a regional approach to student recruitment, retention and job placement.

For more information about Orange County’s regional marketing efforts or the STEM event, contact Nicole Sherman at

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