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  • “I’m unfamiliar with business jargon and acronyms – this enlightened me”

  • “Very Knowledgeable Presenters”

  • “Would like to bring this information to administrators, faculty and students”

  • “Good Speaker – Engaging and knows his stuff”

  • “I knew about a few things but learned a lot”

  • “Interesting!”

  • “Valuable Information. Relevant and Progressive. I enjoyed this session very much! Thank you!” (Virtual Reality)

  • “Insightful”

  • “Real stuff to tell my students.”

  • “Extremely Knowledgeable Presenter”

  • “Great Presentation and Presenter”

  • “Great presentation that showed me a whole body of knowledge in business”

  • “I need to upgrade my skills.”

You Should have Attended

Digital media is woven into the fabric of the modern workplace thus driving the need for digital literacy for every entry level job, even those once considered to be strictly vocational. That places you, the Digital Media and ICT faculty, in the center of career learning paths throughout the California Community College system.

This was For You

This was a special event for Information and Communication Technologies and Digital Media Faculty in the California Community College system. We had a great lineup of speakers and tracks and an expanded attendance. For those who could not attend, we are updating the site with videos of the keynote speakers, presentation material from the speakers and track and video and image galleries so you can virtually participate in this year's conference.


why business is digital

The growing digitalization of business such as virtualization, the cloud, media production, mobile devices, service management and a focus on information management and collaboration have forced businesses, small, medium and large, into a dead sprint to keep up.

Conference Tracks

Our conference tracks focus on Career Pathways for digital media occupations, entrepreneurship and jobs where digital skills combine with other skills for gainful employment.

Front/Back, Creative->Practical->Production, Project Management, Social Media Evangelist

Digital Video, News Packages, Digital Work-flow, Job trends, Sound Recording, Games, Digital Asset Management

Graphic Arts, Animation, Digital Photography, Color, User Experience Guru

Healthcare, Science, Marketing, Manufacturing, Agriculture, General Office, Entertainment, Digital Badging

Addressing issues and best practices for teaching digital media for business in the Community College and/or High School setting.

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