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Allan Hancock College

  • Computer Business Office Technology AS Degrees and Certificates; Computer Business Information Systems AS Degrees and Certificates

  • Allan Hancock College
    Business Information Worker Pathway Course Offerings
    Course Name or Topic Course ID Relevant 3rd
    Party Certification

    Business Information Worker

    Stage I

    KeyboardingCBOT 100, CBOT 312
    MS WindowsCBIS 373, CBIS 301
    MS WordCBOT 131, CBOT 132, CBOT 360, CBIS 101 MOS: Microsoft Office Word
    MS ExcelCBIS 371, CBIS 141, CBIS 101 MOS: Microsoft Office Excel
    MS OutlookCBOT 131, CBIS 301 MOS: Microsoft Office Outlook
    Information System - BasicCBIS 101
    Business Communication (Business English)BUS 160
    Human Relations & Customer ServiceBUS 107

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