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June 8, 2017 - 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.


Participating in Today's Job Market : What Does it Take?

Erik Kellener - CxO Consulting, Inc.

Across the digital media landscape, high growth businesses have experienced massive acceleration through the use of smaller, autonomous, product centric teams. At the same time, entrepreneurs of successful startups attribute part of their sustained growth to defining cultural tenants in their business’s early stages; then using them to help navigate key strategic and tactical decisions. These shifts and others, over the past decade have transformed the way businesses build and support their workforce. In order for businesses to scale, they need talented people who are emphatic about their cultural values. Whether it's "Defaulting to Trust", "Maintaining Customer Obsession", or "Practicing Radical Candor" businesses believe their values are a source of strength, and are non-negotiable. Furthermore, it's no longer sufficient to have candidates with strong programming, creative design, financial or other discipline specific hard skills. Businesses recognize the critical need for their talent to also possess strong "soft skills: (e.g. empathy, self-awareness, feedback communication). Together these types of skills, coupled with strong alignment with a business's value system, creates a breeding ground for high-functioning, collaborative, cross-discipline teams who execute autonomously, enabling the company to adapt and scale as needed.

Erik Kellener's Bio:

Erik Kellener is a consultant (and former technology executive) to leading U.S. consumer brands in Media & Entertainment, Travel, and eCommerce. Erik scales businesses by fine-tuning their technology platform, evolving their team operations, and expanding their product & digital marketing portfolios. His contributions have increased revenues, reduced operating and capital costs, and improved efficiency company-wide. While Erik’s primary focus is in technology, his leadership experience spans across operations, digital marketing, and finance.

He consults to the SMB market, including pre- and post- revenue generating businesses. Erik works with executives and senior team members. He advises, audits, mentors, and steps in to lead his clients to higher ROI. Erik’s results replace expensive missteps in scaling a business with proven strategies and tactics for growth and profitability.

Successes include:

Building and selling a GIS consulting business at age 25 for $2.5M
Packaging and selling an entertainment media platform for $30M
Increasing top-line revenues by 33% when leading a re-launch effort
Grew leadership bench by 3x in 18 months by driving an accelerated mentorship program.
Re-orienting team focus and operations to increase platform stability, increasing deployment cycles by 2x, and reducing rollbacks by 50%
Optimizing a managed-service environment to reduce costs by 60% in 4 months.
Building a technology team of 25 from scratch in 90 days to support an emerging business line.

Erik’s portfolio of businesses include WarnerBros., Dreamworks SKG, Ticketmaster, (sold to Times-Mirror, 1999), Qwest Communications, Luxury Link, and Evite. Additionally, he’s consulted for Riot Games, Holland America Cruise Lines, ESPN, Yokohama Tire Corporation, Cedars-Sinai, and Alaska Airlines.

Erik’s colleagues say: “He always provided ... the best advice on technologies,” and “he bridged the gap between Product & Engineering teams with his impeccable diplomacy and communication skills.” “He is a strong leader that guides by listening, supporting and rallying,” and “he knows how to drive projects and initiatives to completion.” “He has the foresight to ... address potential operational needs to further increase the ROI.”

He consults to businesses in both the B2C and B2B markets across digital media, commerce, and marketing & advertising platforms that leverage web, mobile & social channels.

A technology architect, a hands-on leader, a driver of efficiency, his work includes the practice of lean & iterative implementation, team building, risk-assessment & mitigation, due diligence, capacity planning, KPI-driven operations, and revenue/expense forecast modeling.

Erik is an industry speaker with numerous publications. He’s active in the West Coast community, and sits on the board of several early stage ventures.

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