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Conference Tracks

Our conference tracks focus on Career Pathways for digital media occupations, entrepreneurship and jobs where digital skills combine with other skills for gainful employment.

Digital Media In Industry (11)

Healthcare, Marketing and Advertisement, Science, Freelance, Real Estate, Banking, Future of Digital Media in business
Digital Media In Industry

Interface & Usability Design (11)

Graphic Arts, Animation, Digital Photography, Tools of the Trade, Software Updates
Interface & Usability Design

Digital Media Communication (10)

Digital Revolution in Entertainment, Digital Work-flow, Job trends, Sound Recording, Games, Digital Asset Management
Digital Media Communication

Internet Identity Management (11)

Front/Back, Creative->Practical->Production, Project Management, Mobile Applications
Internet Identity Management

Educator Tips and Techniques (11)

Addressing issues and best practices for teaching digital media for business in the Community College and/or High School setting.
Educator Tips and Techniques
  • Isabel Reichert
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 206

Open Source Democracy

This presentation examines how freeware, shareware, and industry standard open-source software can help expand classroom offerings to multimedia students that are limited to a budget. Students can develop mobile applications, augmented reality applications, 3D models and computer games while simultaneously learn about virtual reality, principles of visual simulation, narrative concepts, design and display of quantitative information and 3D model design. In addition to offering insights into expanding the curriculum, this presentation also covers some of the challenges I have encountered with hardware and software, and overcoming obstacles in negotiating with many different operating systems.

Track Presentation Files

  • Dan Watanabe and Scott Greene
  • Landmark Realtors
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: 313

Digital Media in Real Estate

Digital Media skills have become a requirement in virtually every small business. Perhaps this is most clearly demonstrated in real estate: over the past two decades, the field has gone from paper based to nearly 100% digital. This includes increasing requirements for those entering the field to have not only proficiency in traditional real estate logistics, but Photoshop, ad design, video creation, and social media skills. Dan will go over a wide variety of programs that the average realtor (and, by extension, nearly all entrepreneures) must know to remain competitive.

  • Robert Bruza
  • OutLyer
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: 205

Why Virtual Reality is “Real”

  • What is Virtual Reality?
  • History of Virtual Reality
  • Industry Today
  • Why Virtual Reality is a Reality
  • How to Prepare
    • Production Pipeline for VR
    • Job Opportunities and Skill Sets required
  • DMA/Donna Michelle Anderson
  • Planet DMA
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: Computer Lab 309

Content WAS King - Now We Monetize Community

Educators in the content production space already focus on writing, directing, producing and editing content, but digital careers in the entertainment industry require a clear understanding of how to build, manage, engage and grow a community around an enticing brand experience.  If students are focused on posting their content to YouTube and hoping for a response, straightforward strategies can redirect them to driving platform engagement for their own or an employer's digital experience.

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