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Digital Media In Industry

Digital Media In Industry

ICT and Digital Media skills are required in almost every occupation in the market today. This track will examine the skills needed and how best to prepare students with digital literacy for occupations in:

  • Health-care
  • Science
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Freelance
  • Real Estate
  • Banking

Track details are subject to change without notice. Please check this page often for an updated schedule.

  • Douglas Korte
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 205

The Future of Digital Media & Impact on Business

Over the past decade, the impact of Digital Media on business and society in general has been extraordinary, with new technologies affecting the creation, process, distribution, consumption and regulation of content. It has become increasing difficult to target customers en masse, the proliferation of Social, Mobile, Cloud has opened new sources and ways of consuming content, and Analytics has raised many questions of privacy. How customers engage is continuing to evolve. Upstart companies have rivaled traditional big-name media in content and engagement, and the consumer has never had so many sources or ways to consume content. Digital Media is a very broad, often complex, and always changing subject. This presentation will discuss the future of Digital Media and how it is affecting the consumer, the technology infrastructure and business. Our focus will be on characterizing the digital media ecosystem, the creators and users, how digital media fits into big-data, identify some of the growth drivers, as well as contrasting the media landscape then and now. We will discuss new ways of engagement & monetization, and provide some insights from CMO’s and CEO’s as we look at future trends, challenges and opportunities in this exciting space.

  • Edgar Blunt, Lorinda Forrest, Dennis Mohle, Peggy Bounyarith
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 107

Freelancing and Entrepreneurship in Digital Media

Intuit recently released their 2020 Report in which they predict that by the year 2020, 40% of workers will be either freelance, contract workers or temp workers. Join ICT/DM Deputy Sector Navigator, Dennis Mohle and Small Business Deputy SEctor Navigator Lorinda Forrest and two industry entrepreneurs as they discuss the trends towards entrepreneurship and learn from two industry experts how they started their own businesses in the Digital Media field.

Track Presentation Files

  • Paul M. Allen
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 107

Digital Workflow

Digital Workflow - The past, the present, and the future


  • Michael Kammes
  • Keycode Media
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 205

A Career in Today’s Media Creation Space

This track will involve a discussion of the technologies and methodologies needed to begin a career in today’s media creation space.  This includes the creative and technical gaps found in those currently entering the industry, and what students can learn to get a leg up on the competition.  Technology basics include: Newsroom, film and television editorial and finishing workflows, post audio, digital asset management, and storage systems.

  • Steve Wyskocil
  • The Wysky Group
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 301

Disruptive Technology – The Digital Workplace

Disruptive Technology – The Digital Workplace is rapidly changing in 2 year cycles. How can you challenge your students to think this way and take advantage of the paradigm shifting career opportunities? "What is impossible today in your business, but if it could be done, would fundamentally change it for the better?"

  • Steven Lustig
  • Independent
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 313

Digital media arts for medicine, science and biotechnology

Learn how to integrate DMA to teach science, learn science, and communicate professionally in life science industries.

Track Presentation Files

  • Jerry Wang
  • KshenWang Inc
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 313

The Secret life of CATs (Digital Media in Banking)

The Secret life of CATs describes the Customer Activated Terminals and the Digital Media they create in terms of the transaction record which can be printed at the ATM or emailed directly from the ATM to your email account.

This tutorial traces the lifecycle of a printed record from the Front End Processor to the Back Office (BO) as well as the scenario of a travelling customer whose bank back home has a separate set of FEP and BO systems.
The art of Requirements creation and applications development are highlighted as an introduction to a set of timeless principles and skills. This tale of Banking Digital Media is shared thru personal projects to highlight for you the key principles of precision, reliability, and commitment.

Track Presentation Files

  • Dan Watanabe and Scott Greene
  • Landmark Realtors
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: 313

Digital Media in Real Estate

Digital Media skills have become a requirement in virtually every small business. Perhaps this is most clearly demonstrated in real estate: over the past two decades, the field has gone from paper based to nearly 100% digital. This includes increasing requirements for those entering the field to have not only proficiency in traditional real estate logistics, but Photoshop, ad design, video creation, and social media skills. Dan will go over a wide variety of programs that the average realtor (and, by extension, nearly all entrepreneures) must know to remain competitive.

  • Josh Friedman
  • One Zero Digital Media
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: 205

Drones vs. UAVs: The battle in the sky

No matter what you call them, this new tech has been the hot topic in consumer electronics. Some people love them and others fear them. Some see the uses and others are concerned about privacy. It seems that the only point that everyone agrees on is that the technology has advanced significantly faster than the regulations. In what has become at times a battle between industry and the FAA Josh Friedman will discuss current trends in unmanned aerial technology, uses in digital media, and the current state of the legal regulations drafted by the FAA.

  • James Brady
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: 205

Digital Media Opportunities and Challenges in Healthcare

Will discuss digital media opportunties and challenges within the healthcare environment

Track Presentation Files

  • DMA/Donna Michelle Anderson
  • Planet DMA
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: Computer Lab 309

Content WAS King - Now We Monetize Community

Educators in the content production space already focus on writing, directing, producing and editing content, but digital careers in the entertainment industry require a clear understanding of how to build, manage, engage and grow a community around an enticing brand experience.  If students are focused on posting their content to YouTube and hoping for a response, straightforward strategies can redirect them to driving platform engagement for their own or an employer's digital experience.

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