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Educator Tips and Techniques

Educator Tips and Techniques

This track will discuss best practices of career pathways implementation and other tips and techniques that are community college or high school may want to explore.

  • Warren Carter
  • Golden West College
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: Computer Lab 309

Live Broadcast Streaming with YouTube

Join Digital Media Arts instructor Warren Carter as he covers the workflow and equipment needed to broadcast and stream live events using YouTube.

  • David Rohlander
  • DGR
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 301

Create your Masterpiece

Discover how to see like an artist, think like an Einstein and
create awesome results.
Practical advice for dealing with people.
Proven strategies to increase effectiveness.
Unique and simple solutions to complex problems.
The secret to authentic communication.

  • Eddie Lin
  • MentorMint
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 313

An industry perspective on bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace: marketing yourself to employers

There is a disconnect between the classroom and employer expectations. Oftentimes students with great experience and skills set have great difficulty in finding a job or even receiving an interview. Industry expectations of resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation are constantly changing and differ great from what is commonly advised. Attendees will edit real life examples of cover letters and resumes of candidates who could not receive any interviews, and then review the edits and strategies that ultimately got the students job offers.

  • Dan Watanabe
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 206

California Career Pathways Grants for ICT and Digital Media

This panel will discuss the new California Career Pathways grants, and how they interface with ICT and Digital Media. Using LA Hi-TECH as an example, we will explain how the pathway was designed, some of the ways the resources are being utilized, and basic procedures that enhance its usefulness. These include aligning curriculum across community colleges and creating better articulation pathways using dual and concurrent enrollment models.

  • Stephen Burns
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 205

Integrating the Wacom Tablet Into Your Classroom

Join digital artist, author and Wacom Pro Artist Stephen Burns as he shows you how to integrate the Wacom tablet into your classroom and your student’s workflow with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite  and other digital media programs. 

Stephen will share work flow approaches for digital painters, 3D artists, illustrators and photographers. So, come and spend some hands on time with the tablets and Cintiqs and have your questions ready for the Wacom team!

  • Michael Potts
  • SONY
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room 301

Using the Cloud in the Classroom

This session will focus on how a cloud-based service can enhance the student to faculty learning experience with Professional Media Collaboration, Sharing and Review applications that help with assignments as well as educate on what is possible in the Cloud.  While using a cloud-based technology students can get real-world experience that helps with course assignments, such as allowing media collaboration with teams of students and faculty in the exact way they would Professionally, including integration with Professional Cameras. From Journalism to Media Production to Marketing/Ad Agencies, there's numerous possibilities and workflows where cloud-based services can help.  Michael Potts is the Senior Director for Customer Service with Sony Ci.  Michael has worked in software for over 20 years and especially, Cloud-based software for the past 6 years."

  • Darren Hostetter, AngelaGomez-Holbrook,Warren Carter
  • Golden West College
  • Thursday, June 11 2015
  • Room: 107

Creating Creative Career Pathways between K-12 and College

The arts are making a comeback in education! The arts have been added to STEM to make STEAM, and industries are looking for not only degrees, but also creativity in their workforce. So the question is, how do we connect creativity, K-12, colleges, and industry careers? Join us as instructors from K-12 and Community colleges in the Orange County area talk about how they have been building pathways for students

  • Sean Glumace
  • Golden West and Adobe
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: 301

Creating and Distributing Video Lectures

Learn how to create engaging videos that will make your students want to learn! We will cover the basics of capturing and editing a video, how and where to upload and host them, and how to integrate them into your online learning system. When you create a course using video, you automatically capture students’ attention through a format that innately engages viewers. Even though creating an introduction video requires more time than a text-based version, it’s worth the investment.

During this presentation the basic software options for both the Mac and PC for video capture will be covered along with hands on video hosting options covering YouTube, Vimeo and other online options. We will also cover how to embed the videos into the popular online learning systems and close captioning option.

  • Adam Krentzman and Brett Williams
  • CreativeFuture
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: 313

Intellectual Property in a Digital Age: Ensuring a Vibrant Tomorrow

Come talk with executives from CreativeFuture, an advocacy organization for the creative industries. Adam Krentzman and Brett Williams will speak about their work advocating for ethical digital living that respects artists’ rights. A primary initiative at CreativeFuture is to help the next generation of students grow up in an educational environment that teaches respect for creative works online and nurtures artistic people in the digital world. Online piracy of movies, tv shows, books and music directly impacts jobs, the health of those industries, and the future of creativity. 

  • Dan Watanabe, Doris Driver, Lianne Chua
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: 301

Crossworking with Different Sectors

ICT and Digital Media impacts virtually every business segment. Therefore, it makes sense to create cross-platform alliances between faculty by having DSNs collaborate on projects that cover multiple sectors. In this workshop, we will explore ways that the DSN for small business, international marketing, and ICT and DM work together to provide group advisories and special events.

  • Stephen Wright: facilitator; Frank Dawson; Gustavo Chamorro, Ed.D.; Nicholas Wright
  • Friday, June 12 2015
  • Room: 107

Three Digital Media Curriculum Pathways

Three digital media curriculum pathways are discussed;

1) A Community College Bachelors, (Santa Monica Colleges pending pilot for Interactive Design);

2) A Graphic Design Pathway (with the portfolio development front ended to facilitate job hiring) and a

3) A freelance approach thru On-Line training by a former Moorpark CC/UCLA History grad. Utilizing sites like TeamTreehouse.com.

Characteristics of each pathway will be discussed, along with the development and collaboration process involved to get local buy in.

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