A Fast /Guided Tour of Data Representation for educators

  • Andrew Peter Robinson
  • President
  • FTS: ESG
  • Thursday, June 09 2016
  • Room: 107


With case examples on big data, visualisation,  analytics, storage archives, iot, platform (api, architecture layers) and scientific technical elements ( data science, machine learning, 3d, bio informatics, emerging data center miniaturisation/optical/quantum technology ) aspects

Presenter Bio

Andrew Robinson President, Fountain Technical Services (FTS) [email protected], 613 769-9663, https://ca.linkedin.com/in/andrew-robinson-79b406b, For over 30 years, Mr. Robinson’s firm, Fountain Technical Services, has been a trusted advisor making recommendations for systems design, planning, implementation and evolution to a range of Fortune 50 and government clients. Andrew is an accomplished transformation architect, program reviewer, platform/product designer, technology innovator, a very thorough systems engineer and a collaborative technology researcher who offers up-to-the-minute technology foresight. With much experience in releasing business value from service and infrastructure design, hybrid cloud service deployment, continuous innovation and design (CI/CD+DevOps), full lifecycle app design-deployment, secure systems, information assurance and enabling ecosystems and community collaboration. Andrew focuses primarily on the development and implementation of platforms for large-scale secure, resilient, and resource efficient IT infrastructures needed in the cloud era for data centers and IoT extreme designs.

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