How to Customize Project Management Apps to Support a Project Management Systems

  • DMA/Donna Michelle Anderson
  • President, Planet DMA
  • Thursday, June 09 2016
  • Room: 213 Computer Lab


Once a project management system is in place offline, it's time to select a project management application to speed the workflow for the team. In this session, participants will customize two popular apps to support a single team workflow. In doing so, they'll learn how to identify and evaluate standard features of tools and further customize them with third-party applications.

Presenter Bio

A veteran entertainment industry showrunner and executive and patented tech entrepreneur, DMA guides entertainment networks, non-profits and startups through: clearly defining their missions and brand mandates; developing an optimized infrastructure for execution (staffing, documentation and technology); and designing a streamlined, scalable workflow to do it all consistently and joyfully.

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