Infrastructure Administration: Server Management at Scale

  • Aleksey Tsalolikhin
  • Infrastructure Automation Consultant
  • Vertical Sysadmin, Inc.
  • Friday, June 10 2016
  • Room: 301


Application of dashboards, dynamic charts and graphs to represent the state of IT infrastructure (e.g., tens of thousands of Linux servers), demonstrated with the configuration management tool "CFEngine"; and the skills that are needed for a modern system administrator.

Presenter Bio

Aleksey is a UNIX/Linux system administrator with over 15 years experience. Wrangling servers by hand at EarlthLink in the 90's during growth from 1,000 to 5,000,000 users, he developed an interest in automating configuration management and in improving the lot of system administrators everywhere. Aleksey is a recognized CFEngine Community Champion and a mentor for LOPSA (League of Professional System Administrators). He's trained staff from world-class organizations such as AT&T, Intel, LinkedIn Corporation, Chevron, VISA and many more.

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