Digital Technology, DSLRs and Drones

  • Marty Mullin and Robert Reber
  • Cinematographer
  • Friday, June 10 2016
  • Room: 107


The proliferation of new technologies and software in entertainment is daunting. No where is this more apparant than in the world of recording devices, especially cameras and digital audio. Join cinematographer Marty Mullin (everything from film to 3D to 4K) and Robert Reber as they discuss the wonderful world of digital recording devices... and debate what is the best avenue for schools to teach. Included is a new section on drones and some of their legal ramifications.

Presenter Bio

Marty Mullin is a cinematographer who specializes in all manner of recording technologies beginning with 35mm and including 3D and 4K. He specializes in underwater work as well. Robert Reber is a former student who is now an adviser to the 18 community colleges and 46 high schools in the Los Angeles region. He will be demonstrating not only the DSLR but the Black Magic camera.

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