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Entertainment and Diversity

  • Doris Driver and Dan Watanabe
  • DSN for Business and DSN for ICT-DM
  • LAVC
  • Friday, June 10 2016
  • Room: 206


There has been plenty of talk of "diversity" in entertainment, yet the situation is perhaps more challenging today than it was thirty years ago. Join Dan Watanabe as he discusses the changes in minority employment, particularly in the all-important front office, and how this issue may be addressed moving forward.

Presenter Bio

Dan Watanabe is a third generation Asian American who served as a development executive from 1986-2001, a period which saw a large increase in the number of executives of differing backgrounds. However, this trend seems to have reversed and achieved much negative publicity. Dan will explore the truth behind the articles and propose a number of ways this can be addressed, particularly from the community college community.

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