Journalism in the Digital Age

  • Tracie Savage
  • Television news anchor, now instructor
  • Pierce
  • Thursday, June 09 2016
  • Room: 205


Tracie Savage, known television news anchor and Los Angeles personality, describes the challenge of adapting journalistic techniques to the digital age -- and yet maintaining those journalistic principals from the "analogue era." The focus of her session will include basics of writing a good news story (the who/ what/ when/ where/ why/ how) and some of the differences that the immediacy of the 24 hour news cycle has brought.

Presenter Bio

Tracie Savage is from a show biz family and began her career in Toledo, Ohio. She came to LA in the early 90's and joined the staff of KCAL and later moved to KNBC. She is perhaps most famous as one of the witnesses in the OJ Simpson trial, where she was asked to give up confidential sources. Tracie has been on television, radio, and spent some time as an actress. She currently teaches at Pierce College.

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