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Screenwriting: Different Approaches for teaching creativity

  • Sara Anne Fox and Eric Swelstad
  • Instructor and Creative Consultant
  • Creative Consultant and LAVC
  • Thursday, June 09 2016
  • 10:00 - 10:45 am
  • Room:305


Teaching writing is one of the greatest challenges: is it important to stress story? character? scenes? Is it best to teach "best practices" or allow students to explore their own methods? Should the instruction be geared more toward the script being the end product, or just the start of a whole other creative process where ultimate target (the audience) should be considered? What are some of the differences between teaching television series writing vs. feature films? This panel, featuring writing instructors, development executives, and writers themselves delves into these creative and instructional challenges.

Presenter Bio

Sara Anne Fox is a development executive and creative consultant who has worked on the high end of studio production. Eric Swelstad is an instructor of writing for Los Angeles Valley College, but is also a screenwriter who specializes in Joseph Campbell's HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES. Dan Watanabe is a former television exec who focuses on backward developing a script from audience to concept. ...and more!

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