Students Speak Back

  • Robert Reber and Company
  • Students Speak Back
  • Thursday, June 09 2016
  • Room: 107


This popular panel is updated every year and features students who have graduated and are now in the workforce returning to discuss program successes and areas for improvement. As the entertainment industry is in a constant state of flux, it it often difficult for instructors to know exactly what is needed by the current workforce. Having ex-students from a variety of campuses provides an opportunity to learn what works, what needs work, and how to prepare students for work. This panel will be led by Robert Reber, who has become not only a familar face at all events ranging from DMEC to but many for LA region CCPs.

Presenter Bio

Robert Reber is a twenty-five year old graduate from LA Valley College. In the years since he left the school, he has remained a familiar face on campus... as an advisor to his former professors as the go-to person in charge of technology. A definitional digital native, Robert is on top of all the new technologies, be they cameras, editing systems, lighting systems, and grip equipment. An independent filmmaker, he is currently working on a number of independent projects with many production companies who have dubbed him "the China Ball King."

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