Teaching Students Key Job life Skills

  • Jerry Wang
  • Consultant
  • KShenWang Inc. – Art of Execution, a personal framework for organizational transformation
  • Friday, June 10 2016
  • Room: 305


Art of Execution (AOE) is the only holistic and comprehensive framework for organizational transformation which ANYONE can wield, even if you are not in a high level decision making role with a huge budget. Mastering the AOE endows you with skills to diagnose and identify the real problems as well as knowing how much of the solution you perceive can be personally implemented by you. Knowing what it is, why it is, how to fix it, and how much you can fix personally is the fruit and gift of the AOE.


Solution without a problem is just data. Here is a case study: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cqaxo2lzickp12m/Process_Ninja%20Skills-Road-To-Recovery_Oct_18_2015.pdf?dl=0


The AOE is about your or your students' mouse trap. If you are a cat, it gives you food and if you are a farmer, it resolves problems. This mouse trap has the ability to catch Godzilla but you would need to study and apply the framework. AOE is for you and it is about your journey. Whether you worked just one day professionally in your life or over 30 years, whether you got your PhD or you are studying for your GED, whether you grew up selling drugs or had a full ride to Harvard, whether you are utterly alone or a devotee, whether you are homeless or living in a mansion, this is for you. Work is unavoidable in life so why not invest time up front to acquire transformation skills starting with transforming yourself and your students? No one person can cover all the dimensions at all times, especially not me. All of us need skills training and reminders at different times.


Presenter Bio

Jerry Wang has been studying principles for over two decades and he was certified to teach 8 different days of principle-centered workshops (i.e., 7H, PCL, and Quality) within Citigroup mainly as a volunteer part-time trainer. His studies of Aikido and 10 marathons added physical dimensions to his understanding of the universal principles. Understanding the underlying principles of any processes is the essence of root-cause analysis where we can understand how things really work. Our obligations to increase profits and create jobs rely on total quality processes.

Jerry was a VP in IT Project Leadership and Business Analysis during his 28 years at Citigroup. The projects Jerry coded, coordinated, managed and deployed perform over one million mission-critical financial transactions per month. He has delivered numerous complex enterprise products supporting millions of dollars in revenue against high pressure deadlines and fiscal goals via customer synergy, empowerment, teamwork, focus, the application of best practices and meticulous tracking. Jerry has supported process improvement, organizational alignment, contract negotiation, requirements gathering, and development to deployment processes as a software development program director reducing costs by $7+MM annually. Jerry worked with over 20 businesses around the world delivering solutions satisfying legal, regulatory, and market requirements to enable continued revenue growth.

Jerry is inviting others to a rigorous study of the Art of Execution framework for Organizational transformation which is based on personal transformation. AOE includes the skills sets required for Change Management, Process Improvement, Overcoming Organizational Dysfunction, Conflict Management, and implementing PMO best practices.


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