Designing Technical Specifications.

  • Eddie Lin
  • Co-Founder | CEO
  • MentorMint
  • Thursday, June 09 2016
  • Room: 301


Employers continue to increase standards on application design by building with a strong focus on business benefit from the earliest stages of development.  Technology experience in itself is no longer enough to make a candidate employable.  The job skills needed in application design are not necessarily the obvious such as programming and graphic design, but soft skills equally important such as empathy for the end user, demonstrated leadership ability, and understanding the impact of business requirements on technology.  Command of these soft-skills are required for in-demand technology positions that don't necessarily involve coding such as a product manager and project manager.

Digital Media is playing an increasing role in defining technical specifications as all applications are expected to incorporate technologically challenging requirements such as streaming video, large engaging content, and interoperability.  In this session we will discuss the demands of digital media's implication on technology requirements and the skills required to get those jobs not taught in the classroom.

Presenter Bio

Eddie is a co-founder of MentorMint, an online platform connecting students to industry experts in their field for career coaching. Eddie began his career in New York where he worked at UBS Investment Bank and Goldman Sachs. He transitioned into marketing at Adobe in San Jose before switching to the entertainment industry at Live Nation/Ticketmaster, where he led partnerships in corporate concert strategy, marketing, and product design. Eddie served as student-body president of the University of Southern California MBA program, and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Eddie was also a contestant on the reality show Fear Factor where he ate 20 live bees.

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