Learners, Learners,

Learners, Players, Doers, Makers

  • Isabel Reichert and Alexandro Jauco
  • Assistant Professor of Multimedia and Graphic Arts at Ohlone College
  • Ohlone College
  • Thursday, June 09 2016
  • Room: 206


No doubt you've heard of the make-to-learn revolution called the maker movement but have you ever wondered how this could apply to your curriculum? How can you create truly interdisciplinary and collaborative learning spaces for your students? How can you measure the effectiveness of learning through doing, sharing, mentoring, playing, experimenting, and risk-taking? This session presents a case study of Ohlone College students in the Multimedia and Graphic Arts department collaboratively creating an interactive exhibit for the San Mateo Maker Faire by applying the principles of a maker education. The students engineered a system that uses game design and virtual reality (VR) linked with Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The result is a meaningful interaction between the virtual and the physical worlds in real time. The presentation discusses the challenges and successes of implementing a maker curriculum and highlights how it can prepare students for a collaborative economy.

Presenter Bio

Assistant Professor Isabel Reichert has taught for over 15 years at colleges and universities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and is currently the program coordinator for the Ohlone College Graphic Arts and Multimedia department. Prior to joining Ohlone, she taught courses in art, design and critical theory for California College of Arts (CCA), the University of California at Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Art Institute. Alongside her teaching, Isabel works as a graphic designer for web, print, and interactive media and is a multimedia artist/ filmmaker. Her work has been screened at international film festivals and her multimedia artwork has been featured in galleries and museums internationally.

Ohlone game design instructor Alejandro Jauco brings an extensive background in the tech industry to his classroom. Formerly the Principal Architect of Infor Silicon Valley Innovation Labs, he has worked in such capacities as president of Spidergram Corporation, director of 3D Multimedia Hardware and Software at Fujitsu Microelectronics, senior staff at NVIDIA and engineering manager at Sun Microsystems. His interests are video game development, Augmented and Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things.

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