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Software Development: What Industry Wants

  • Dennis Mohle and James Cha
  • Software Developer and ICT and Digital Media Deputy Sector Navigator
  • Fresno City College and Schneider Electric
  • Friday, June 10 2016
  • Room: 205


Today’s digital media jobs are often hidden in places outside the digital media realm. Software development and programming is one area where a few key digital media classes can give a job candidate an edge to employment. This presentation looks at three years of software developer online jobs through Burning Glass, broken down by software language and industry, then plotted by the growth and frequency of languages in demand. This presentation sorts through the various language combinations and creates a clear picture of the most effective software skills to teach. Dennis Mohle, computer faculty member at Fresno City College, and James Cha, software professional from Fresno, California, integrate the findings of this recent report into best Computer Science practices from academic and industry perspectives.


Presenter Bio

Dennis Mohle works with 14 community colleges in the Central Valley and Mother Lode regions of California on collaboration projects that result in braided federal and state funding. As a faculty member he works closely with the State Academic Senate's Discipline Input Group (DIG) to integrate recent SD-EDGE findings into best Computer Science practices. James Cha is a software developer who takes his development practices into aspect of his life. Do life, fix bugs, refactor life, branch for exploration, merge some branches, archive others. He enjoys building up communities and loves to share the knowledge he has.

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