Software: Where We Came From, Where We Are, and What's Next

  • William Lewis
  • President
  • Lewis Siwell, Inc
  • Friday, June 10 2016
  • Room: 107


When we think of software development we usually take what we know and project that into the future. This is well and good until something comes out of left field and changes everything. A quick look into history and we see this is a common occurrence with sometimes interesting results. What will you do in the face of cyber-threats, quantum computing, IoT and the next developmental fad?

Presenter Bio

Mr Lewis is a consultant with experience in security, open source policies, project management and development of new technologies. Recently he as been involved in IoT, robotics and security issues. He was involved in the development of JPEG, MPEG and related standards; helped form the Open MPEG Consortium; develop the first digital mugshot system and the first video on demand system. He performed research on image processing algorithms under a NIST ATP and helped several companies develop new chips. Previously he helped develop turbofan and turboprop engines; build a data center; architect expert systems used in central offices and build the first large scale digital PABX. He s a member in ISSA, ISACA, HTCIA, OWASP and is involved in outreach for security, astronomy and the sciences.

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