Business – Digital Media’s new Playground

Business – Digital Media’s new Playground

Media has always been integral in business marketing however, with the increasing integration of visual, audio and digital document communication, media in every form has become the language of expressing ideas, communicating concepts and influencing large groups of people. The sessions in this track will explore how students from every discipline need to be prepared with digital media skills to enhance their ability to participate in a rapidly changing job market.

Track details are subject to change without notice. Please check this page often for an updated schedule.

  • Russell Nohelty
  • Wannabe Press
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room: 205

How to Teach Business for Artists

Most creatives leave college without the fundamental business practices for how to turn their art into a business. They are great artists, but they get treated terribly and underpaid because they don't understand how to charge for their work and build their business. Join Russell Nohelty, publisher of Wannabe Press and host of The Business of Art, as he hosts a training about how to train artists to sell their work without feeling gross about it.

  • Nancy Duitch
  • VisionWorx
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room: 301

Digital Media as Used in Business

I started out my career by bringing TV products to retail. I fell in love with the industry and evolved into a marketer by bringing some of the most successful products to market in the Beauty, Health & Wellness, Household and Technology sectors generating $3 Billion in revenue. I realized early on you needed to be a multi-channel marketer in order to survive and began to integrate digital with our campaigns as early as 2003. Digital has become the ultimate in multi-channel marketing with an emphasis in customer acquisition, branding, and the ROI. Understanding Direct Response made the transition to digital seamless, as transacting on the internet legitimized the direct to consumer industry. It is critical for marketers to understand all elements of digital as this channel has become one of the most important mediums in the industry. Digital needs to start with a branding strategy that will allow for authenticity, clarity and trust. The consumer has to believe you care about them and their experience. It’s no longer about us selling, but it’s about the marketers giving enough information to the consumer in order for the customer to make their own buying decisions. Digital/Mobile is evolving very quickly and you need to have your finger on the pulse daily with regard to channels, video, VSL’s, analytic tools, etc. It is essential for anyone working to build their business to understand all the elements required for success. You need to build assets, create compelling content, have a story to tell, media, back end analytics and an understanding of a realistic budget. It no longer matters if you have created the next Google or Uber; it is about your story, messaging, audience and focus that separates the winner from the ones that do not win.

  • David R. Schwartz and Ryan Barncastle
  • Raines Feldman LLP
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room: 312

Legal Aspects of Innovation: Preparing Your Venture for Success in the Digital World

Starting a new digital company presents many challenges at the outset.  Entrepreneurs need to be mindful of several key decisions from inception to launch in order to position their idea for greatness.

In this presentation, attorneys Ryan Barncastle and David Schwartz will address the legal items to consider in order to establish a framework for success for your digital business.

Topics will include:

∙ Entity formation:  What type of company should I choose for my business?

∙ Fundraising:  When, if, and how should I raise outside money, and if I do, from whom?

∙ Company names and branding:  How do I create value?

∙ Software / Website / Application development:  Ownership strategies for your technology assets.   

∙ Online Policies:  Why do they matter?  No one really reads these…do they?


Track Presentation Files

  • Paul Allen
  • Paul Allen & Associates
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room: 301

New Technology Development

We are experiencing a digital convergence like we have never seen before. Just think about how you entertained yourself with analogue devices (Walkman, VCR's, NTSC Television, etc.) or how a visit to a doctor's office led to an extended stay at their affiliated hospital because they could not diagnose you problems. Now, start to think about the cars we drive and the fuels we use. The way we communicate and the way we do business. When was the last time you saw a Pay Telephone, Video Rental Store, or even someone trying to hail a taxi? Today, Uber and Lyft are only a small part of the new APP society we are experiencing and trust me, if you don't keep up, you will be left behind.

  • Mayra Lombera
  • The Michelson 20MM Foundation
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room: 301

What Is Intellectual Property And Why Does It Matter For Our Students?

Every business has a name, a logo, a website, a database of contacts and more, therefore, every business has intellectual property (IP). In today’s digital economy these are all intangible assets which are important to the success of a business. But how much do our students know about IP? Do they even know what IP is?

Join us to learn more about:

  • How the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) is spearheading a nationwide pilot to expand IP education at the undergraduate level.
  • How Santa Monica College (SMC) Business Department is integrating modular IP curriculum in their courses this summer.
  • How you can become a pilot partner college in the initiative led by NACCE.

All this and more in a rich session led by SMC Faculty Innovators and IP Legal Professionals, Dana Nasser and Nathan Khalil, joined by Rebecca Corbin, President of NACCE, and supporting foundation Michelson 20MM. 

  • Bret Christensen
  • Pacific Sky Creative, Inc.
  • Friday, June 09 2017
  • Room: 301

Branding: The Critical First Step For Developing Digital Media

In the world of digital media, the struggle to be noticed and remembered has never been more challenging. Businesses, non-profits, and even colleges have more ways than ever to communicate with their target audience but must do so against an increasingly cluttered landscape. In this session, we'll focus on the origin of exceptional marketing and messaging: the organization's brand. Topics covered will include brand discovery, visual development, crafting a message map, and basic communication strategy. This session will equip you to better evaluate your own organization's brand, as well as give you strategic teaching tools for students in business and marketing pathways.

Track Presentation Files

  • Ben Avilez
  • Up and Running Video
  • Friday, June 09 2017
  • Room: 301

Marketing Outreach for Video Producers & Visual Artists

As video producers and visual artists, we are often pigeonholed as technicians. We know the ins-and-outs of the latest creative software programs, can determine what filter or effect was used, and can adjust the shutter speed on a camera. We know our language. The problem: our client doesn't. We try to distill the complexities of dynamic range and blending modes only to be met with blank stares. If only they could understand what we were doing for their project! Or maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle? Fact is, clients don't hire you for the deliverable you provide. They hire you because of the benefit that deliverable creates, whether its ROI, a lower bounce rate, or so they can sleep better at night. Ultimately, we owe it to the client to speak their language so we can provide as much value as possible. We'll go over strategies for capturing your market vertical's language and understanding problems they experience so you can better serve your clients.

Track Presentation Files

  • Molly Stuart, J.D.
  • Ca Community Colleges Chancellor's Office - Napa Valley College
  • Friday, June 09 2017
  • Room: 301

Freelance, Gigs and Business

With the rise of Uber/Lyft, AirBnB, Fiver, UpWork etc. the gig economy/freelancing is growing faster and providing more income than any other "industry" in California. In addition, the majority of graphic and digital design skilled workers are self-employed, working as contractors to other content firms. Get more information about the legal requirements of owning a design firm and working under contract as well as selling your services on online platforms. There's lots of legal hoops and paperwork, but there is also lots of room to maximize your profits in business. Come and learn!

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