Deep Dives

Deep Dives

Get into the details of a topic in one of our deep dive sessions. These are 3 hour sessions with topic experts scheduled for Wednesday June 7th.

  • Angela Gomez-Holbrook, Lee White and Todd Adamson
  • Coastline Community College and Certiport
  • Wednesday, June 07 2017
  • Room: Computer Lab 309

Adobe Certified Associate – validate real-world credentials

The workplace demand for digital media skills by using Adobe’s video, graphic, web, illustration, or design software—is on the rise. The ACA certification program will help educators effectively teach and validate digital communication skills while providing students with credentials that demonstrate real-world prowess to prospective employers and academic institutions. In this workshop, we will cover best practices on becoming an adobe certification testing site. Sustainable funding models explored and how to deal with certification companies – without charging the student testing fees.

Track Presentation Files

  • Doris Driver and Dan Watanabe
  • Wednesday, June 07 2017
  • Room: 107

Creating Expert-Driven Workshops, Boot Camps, and Workforce Training Programs

One of the most exciting trends in education is industry-directed workshops that provide hands-on training to those seeking to enter those fields or to "skill up" for a different career. Often used to beta-test prospective courses for the future, these events provide a rare opportunity for attendees to learn everyday skills as well as inside secrets from experts already experienced in the industry. Learn which types of experts should be involved; ideal number of sessions; hands-on workshops vs. traditional "chalk and talk," and curriculum integration based on the outcomes. Utilizing the Production Assistant Boot Camp as an example, the deep dive focuses on lessons learned, feedback from the pros as well as some of the students, and how to improve these workshops for the future.It continues with descriptions on how YOU can put together your own industry-directed workshop. These workshops are important to prepare attendees for today's entrepreneurially-oriented "gig economy," and showcases the benefits both instructors and students can have with "in the field" pros.

  • Stephen Burns
  • Goldenwest College
  • Wednesday, June 07 2017
  • Room: 205

Digital Mastery - applying Adobe Tools for Student Creativitiy

3D And Your Photo Composites With Adobe presenting some wonderful upgrades in a variety of areas in Photoshop Stephen Burns will share how to be artists with the new 3D tools by creating an artistic scene that complies to the rules of perspective to make you final scenes convincing. We will discuss the foundations of perspective and how to apply it in a two-dimensional view. We will then integrate 3D objects in such a way that they match the perspective of the scene. This will share a foundational art concept of pulling a three-dimensional look in a two dimensional composite. Then we will explore how to integrate 3 dimensional objects into the composition. Come and enjoy as you see Stephen share what is possible with 3D in Photoshop CC 2015.

In addition, with Adobe presenting some wonderful upgrades in a variety of areas in Photoshop CC 2017 Stephen Burns will share how to be artists with the new 3D tools by creating an artistic scene before your eyes. One of our goals as artists is to use our chosen medium to express how the world around us has influenced us and how we can share our thoughts and feelings as to what we are experiencing. To do this we must understand medium and this also applies to the digital tools. Stephen will share how each of the tools and features work and how to create intuitively and uniquely with these new improvements. Come and enjoy as you see Stephen share what is possible in Photoshop 3D.

  • Mike Weilgart
  • Vertical Sysadmin, Inc.
  • Wednesday, June 07 2017
  • Room: Computer Lab 213

GitHub Foundations: Unlocking the Mysteries

Dozens of commands! Hundreds of options! Git has dumbfounded sysadmins and developers alike since its appearance in 2005. And yet, this ingenious software is among the most fantastically useful ever developed. Learn Git from the ground up and the inside out with Git Foundations Training! This half-day class explores Git's internals in depth and includes practical exercises to gain familiarity and comfort in handling the nuts and bolts. Target Audience: No prior knowledge of Git is required. Basic Unix/Linux command line experience is assumed for the practical portion of the course. Experienced users of Git have given rave reviews; the class is not aimed only at beginners, but at anyone wishing to thoroughly understand and use Git to the fullest.

  • Gary Rubin
  • Cuesta College
  • Wednesday, June 07 2017
  • Room: 301

Starting and Growing a Business

This three-hour lecture is an example of a module that could be incorporated into any Career Technical Education program or course to familiarize students with the basic information needed to start and/or grow a business. Whether you have the perfect idea for a start-up, you want to transition your hobby into a career, or have already launched your new business and don’t know what to do next, this three-hour lecture will teach you the key and essential steps to starting and running a business and getting it growing in the right direction. You will learn: The Entrepreneurship Mindset Choice Of Entity Options Funding Sources Leasing Financial Statements And Cash Flow Permits And Licensing Marketing/Promotion Employee Issues

Track Presentation Files

  • Stephen Meade
  • Magic Moments
  • Wednesday, June 07 2017
  • Room: 206

The Tornado Technique and Why Isolation is a Good Thing.

Many people think Isolation is about being alone- it's not. It's about being specific, targeted and focused on getting exactly what you want. Business networking is an important part of growth for companies, but all too often is done improperly or ineffectively. Come learn the tricks to explain your business in 90 seconds. Identify not what you do, but what you need. Learn how to leverage your network and events for maximum effect. This 10 step session will give you tips that you can implement immediately. No rah-rah, no hype, just practical steps that you can use to change your business. Come find out how to use the Tornado Technique and why Isolation is a Good Thing.

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