Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Employment is a contract that carries certain social responsibilities. As digital media becomes integral in our business, social and political world it is important for students to have a solid grounding in ethics for. With digital all things are possible but because it can be done does not mean that it should be done. What are the boundaries of intellectual property? What are the ethics of presenting a marketing blog as a provider of news? Do the ends justify the means when trying to achieve political gains?

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  • Michael C'deBaca
  • Storage Innovations
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room: 312

Ethical Social Selling

As digital media becomes mainstream and as businesses use it to learn about and purchase products and services, marketers and sellers need to be grounded in ethical practices. Learn what digital media is in this context and specifically social selling, how it’s used, and what workers of the future need to know about selling ethically.

  • Kim Pease, CISSP
  • Citadel Information Group
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room: 207

Ethics, Social Media, Generations and The New Norm: A Perfect Storm?

Technology, social media, smart devices, endless outlets of information and more are all at our finger tips 24 x 7. Our society has embraced sharing information and photos, publicly revealing who we are linked to or friends with, disclosing our favorite things and our behaviors, and communicating our beliefs, both political and personal. We live in a free country that allows uncensored expression from everybody. There are philanthropic entities and people. There are bigots and haters. There is self-exposed communicators and those who remain anonymous. There are certain laws in place to protect from anticipated or perceived threats. Add the fact that social networking is still in its infancy and one could argue we are in The Perfect Storm. And now you want to add ethics into the mix? Hang onto your seats as this controversial topic will be a fun, dynamic and robust discussion.

  • Yael Swerdlow
  • Maestro Games, SPC
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room: 301

Gamification of Life

Has the obsession with Gamification been taken too far? Do we need to be rewarded for everyday tasks? What are the risks and benefits of gamifying efforts on society? Or, can gamification help heal humanity's ills?

  • Gaynell Vanderslice, Ph.D.
  • Bright Coach, LLC
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room: 107

Leadership-Fusion: Transforming a Multigenerational Workforce

According to the US Census Data, 40 percent of the millennial generation (19-34), including college graduates, are unemployed. And yet, employers report that they can’t fill open positions. Additionally, as 10,000 Baby Boomers retire daily, employers report that they are experiencing a severe deficit of critical skills and leadership capabilities. Learn what hiring managers and business leaders have revealed as 21st-century workforce challenges. Uncover the impact of socioeconomic dynamics on the labor force. And engage in a collaborative exercise to reveal practical solutions that will enhance the employability of tomorrow's workforce today.

  • Jake Kelfer
  • JK Management
  • Thursday, June 08 2017
  • Room: 205

Elevate Your Network: Authenticity Creates Opportunity

Over 80% of jobs are landed through networking! The world is becoming more and more digital which means there are more and more opportunities for connection. This presentation is based on Jake’s experiences, interactions, and conversations with highly successful people with a focus on the importance of building relationships with a WE mentality rather than a ME mentality. In the presentation Jake uses stories, energy, authenticity, and entertainment as a way to capture the audience’s attention and inspire them to understand the importance and value of networking and developing genuine, mutual benefiting relationships. Not just that, but Jake will teach a simple six step process to becoming a champion networker as described in his best selling book Elevate Beyond! To cap it all off, Jake will leave the audience with actionable strategies to elevate their network.

  • Eric Fan
  • Squarage
  • Friday, June 09 2017
  • Room: 312

Interview Skills for the Post-Modern Workforce

You’re wondering how to answer interview questions? What are the best job interview tips? Simple. Push the boundaries of social science or look like every other generic job seeker. We’ll show you how to push those boundaries. Job interview tips taught today are fixated on outdated and generic concepts and do not take into account the social, scientific, and human elements of conversing. Not Squarage®. Squarage® has created an interview skills curriculum for Today’s Post-Modern Workforce because we want to remedy the unfavorable reputation Millennials have of being entitled, lazy, and addicted to technology (digital dementia). Most people would like the world to stay the same. Most people think Squarage® is a bad idea. Most people are afraid. Most people aren’t curious. You’re not most people. You don’t get hired by being most people.

Track Presentation Files

  • Dan Watanabe
  • Los Angeles Valley College
  • Friday, June 09 2017
  • Room: 107


Hollywood and the creative community has been doing a lot of talk about increasing diversity in the creative arena. This panel presents a group of entertainment industry veterans and newcomers talking about how they were able to get past traditional barriers, whether they be race, gender, age, or culture in general. Combined with entrepreneurship, we see that "breaking down the door" is a matter of filling in the gaps... and making buyers aware that there is a gap to begin with. Part of the discussion includes movies and TV shows that initially appeared initially to be lacking mainstream appeal but turned out to be major hits. The time to inspire students is now.

  • Erica Bristol
  • Small Business Development Center
  • Friday, June 09 2017
  • Room: 312

Avoiding Legal and Ethical Pitfalls

Students encounter digital media in every aspect of their personal and professional lives-from smartphones, websites and social media to education, technology, business, politics and entertainment. As digital media increasingly connects the world, understanding the related but often unknown ethical and legal issues becomes critical. How can students leverage the benefits of digital media in today’s world, while avoiding legal and ethical pitfalls lurking behind the scenes? This presentation will help to understand how students can successfully navigate issues surrounding digital media today.

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