Digital Media In Entertainment

Digital Media In Entertainment

This track will take in in depth look at the digital revolution happening in the entertainment industry. It will examine the blurred lines between creative and ICT skills and the many hybrid jobs evolving in the industry. Topics will include:

  • The Digital Revolution in Entertainment: Front office, production, and post
  • Digital Workflow Technician: CCC Credential
  • Trends: Developing trends in the digital entertainment job market
  • Sound recording: the unappreciated frontier (TV-Film-Music- sound- recording, editing and archiving)
  • Video Game Design: How it is merging with traditional entertainment
  • Digital Media and ICT Convergence: the emergence of the ICT specialist for entertainment
  • Digital Asset Management: How core ICT skills apply to managing large amounts of digital media and other data.

Track details are subject to change without notice. Please check this page often for an updated schedule.

  • Carey Melcher
  • Carey Melcher Productions (CMP, Inc.)
  • Thursday, June 12 2014
  • Room: 312

Revising Curriculum - Cinematography Class Case Study

Revising Curriculum - Case study

Commercial producer Cary Melcher discusses the process of curriculum revision, using an intermediate cinematography class as an example. He covers the incorporation of new technology, business practices, and ways to monetize education into a job.

  • Charles Unger
  • Independent
  • Thursday, June 12 2014
  • Room: 314

What is a "digital media technician"?

Digital Wrangers, Digital Media Technicians and Digital Image Technicians are three new positions that are now an integral part of the production process.  Since film has been largely abandoned, "video village" set ups have become the norm, and instantaneous delivery of images to a wide variety of people is possible, the role of a digital technician has become increasingly important. Yet, many colleges still do not teach this important skill.

  • Dan Watanabe/Armen Fetulagian/Robert Reber/Jayson Boyd/ Adrian Castillo
  • Thursday, June 12 2014
  • Room: 301

Recent grads explain the state of the Entertainment Industry for entry level workers

Industry Incomers Gap Analysys

Recent grads in digital media who have already achieved career growth discuss the needs of the job market -- from an insider's perspective.  They will discuss which classes were most effective, suggest changes to existing programs, and provide hints at obtaining leverage in the business.

  • Ellioit Woods/Cindy Krievins/Phil Biedron/Addison Randall/Jayson Boyd
  • Independent/Actor
  • Thursday, June 12 2014
  • Room: 312

The Business of Acting in a Digital Age

"The Business of Acting in a Digital Age" is a breakout session that addresses the needs of incoming actors (and, by extension, other "above the line" creatives) to understand how digital media and social networking skills are essential to the modern day career path.  The session will include demonstrations on how a performer must manage their image and understand what is REALLY important about digital deliverables such as demo reels, head shots, and the like. 

  • Doris Driver
  • Agape International Spiritual Center
  • Thursday, June 12 2014
  • Room: 313

Creating an Exciting Advisory Committee

How do you create an exciting advisory meeting that not only inspires other teaches but ensures advisors will remain enthusiastic about continuing to support your CTE efforts?  Event planner and former music executive Doris Driver explains how to recruit advisors; brief them on what is needed; arrange them to present in a logical order; and offer all of your advisors appropriate time to speak. She also discusses touchy events such as preventing anyone from
"hijacking" a meeting and how to gently steer conversations.

  • Sara Anne Fox and Cindy Krievins
  • Friday, June 13 2014
  • Room: 312

Backward Engineering Your Project

Backward Engineering Your Project" is a workshop that turns digital media project development on its head -- and makes it more user-friendly to studios, networks, and independent production companies. Rather than starting at a "passion point," veteran development execs Sara Anne Fox and Dan Watanabe discuss how individual creativity can be wrapped around business needs by creating projects from the audience/buyer standpoint, through the budgeting/scheduling process, the putting together of the elements, and, finally, writing the screenplay. This can be related to ALL digital media production -- whether it be for a short "how to" You Tube video for a company or a graphics package for a boardroom. 

  • Steven B. Cohen
  • Daystrom Technology Group
  • Friday, June 13 2014
  • Room: 301

Opportunities for ICT students and faculty in the M&E Business in the next decade: A look behind and a look ahead

The democratization of media creation enables lower cost-of-entry technologies and processes,  which in-turn allow more companies to take advantage of these communication tools and create “Stories that Sell.” This broad-spread increased use of media generates vast analytics that can help businesses better understand their customers and guide the framing of these “stories.” This rapid growth of media creation will saturate distribution pipelines, venues and platforms with exabyte’s of data in the coming years.This data explosion will create a demand for skilled technicians who are equipped to manage, manipulate and store this data within all business verticals.  Community Colleges presently have an unparalleled opportunity to proactively fill this technician void by educating and training the media technicians and creatives of tomorrow. Faculty and administrators need to acknowledge these growth opportunities and gather the skill sets required to impart the required knowledge to their students to prepare them for new career positions that require credentials for which specific curricula has not yet been created.

Presented by a 30+ year Hollywood veteran, Steven B. Cohen, whose career spans the transition from analog to digital and has reinvented himself every five years as technology evolves.

Track Presentation Files

  • Syd Vinnedge
  • Friday, June 13 2014
  • Room:312

State of the Industry with Syd Vinnedge

An overview of what is happening in the entertainment industry in this era of digitalization, new distribution patters, foreign investment, and streaming video. Syd explains how chaos leads to opportunity for today's incomers, and what educational opportunities are available.

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